Essay on Fishing: Top 7 Essays

Fishing can be an interesting topic to discuss with friends during your leisure time. Fishing can be done as a hobby as well as a way of earning. It is a wide topic therefore, there are many writers in Australia who have written about it. This is among the top countries where the best essay writing companies and platforms are found. This article focuses on the top 7 essays about fishing that have been written. Below is the list:

1. Introduction to Fishing

This essay speaks of what fishing is and how it is an important activity for human beings. It explains where the fish can be found and the different kinds of fish that are found in different waters like fresh waters such as rivers, seas, and lakes as well as salty waters like oceans. Furthermore, it describes when fishing started and what men were doing before they started fishing. This activity is among the oldest occupations that men did. More so, it explains the tools, objects, and devices that enhance fishing.

2. The Value of Fishing

The essay explains why people carry out fishing. It is mainly for food. It goes on to describe the importance of fish as food in our bodies and health. This essay also tells how different fish taste and how the preparation process may result in different tastes. Additionally, it explains the nutrients that can be acquired from eating fish and the benefits that we can gain from the nutrients.

3. The Fishing Types

This essay highlights the different types of fishing. Further on, it explains how different kinds of nets and lines can be used to catch different kinds of fish. Some of the types are the pelagic fishing, demersal fishing, and inshore fishing among others.

4. Fishing Methods

Australia is one of the best fishing places, this was from Australia. This essay explains various ways in which you can catch fish. Therefore, among the many methods that were given in this essay, you can choose the perfect one for you. Some of the methods are drifting, trawling, seining among the others.

5. The Global Fishing Utilization

This article tells the amount of fish caught around the globe annually. It is roughly more than 73.5 million tonnes. In addition, this essays breaks down the contribution of these tones from every continent, Asia leading with the 44% of the total fish caught. Furthermore, this article explains how much is consumed per capita and the reasons why it might vary.

6. Different Fish Species

This essay gives the different kinds of fish and their species. Do you know the different species of fish? If not, then you should look for this essay. It is from the best essay writing platforms in Australia. Among the many species, this narrative explains about the saltwater fish and how they are grouped in terms of their habitat.

7. Fishing Grounds

During different seasons, fish are found in various places. For instance, during high altitudes, there is a high concentration of fish most probably due to the availability of planktons, minerals from the land as well as a cool climate which is suitable for fish.

These are among the top essays in Australia whose topics are linked to fishing. Would you like to know more about fish? Look for these top essays from the best article writing platforms and you will be amazed by what you find.

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