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Fly fishing is artificial angling method where you use an artificial “fly” to catch fish. When fishing, you fly a cast using a reel, specialized weighted line and fly rod. When casting a weightless fly or a “lure” you must know the casting techniques that are significantly different from the common forms of casting. Most of the fly fishermen often use hand tied flies, which resemble baitfish, natural invertebrates, and other food organisms when “luring” to provoke fish making them to bite the fly.

Credit: Featuring some photography by PartySnapper Australia

Welcome to the Fly Fish resource website and blog. When you really need a break from the busy life and the fast moving pace in life, its great to have nice little satisfying hobby! We are a popular Sport fishing and fly fishing community Online. We are a growing group of fishing enthusiasts who take it in the spirit of water sporting and love doing it. With lots of pristine water bodies and great locations across the world, sports fishing gets even better.

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Finally, A very warm welcome to every single visitor to this website and sport fishing resource blog and wiki for the benefit of the fishing enthusiasts and sports fishing community. Stay tuned to the regular useful content and resource articles.

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